Elizabeth Holmes Arrives To Trial With Prototype For Black Box That Will Prove Her Innocence

This is too perfect:

(…) showing the judge how the tabletop prototype worked by simply scanning a person’s fingerprints and establishing her innocence for over 200 different crimes.


Axie Infinity is a digital nation

There’s a cool new dystopia in town, people! Enjoy!

“Axie Infinity is a digital nation and, like in any society, certain people might be criminals,” said Larsen. “How do we deal with those who might be abusing other scholars or players? These are challenges for us internally.” The company has banned “several thousand” accounts for violating the game’s terms, he said, including for bot behavior or when there is “clear evidence of scams.”


Freedom Defender Died for Freedom to… Die

COVID is perfectly fine to live with… but freedom fighter Caleb used his hard-fought-for freedom to die from it.
I hope he enjoyed the shits caused by ivermectin.

Republicanism is a disease

It seems like conservatism / republicanism / grift-based politics or whatever this “mode of being” is called is the deadliest disease of all.

The Republican pandemic response is breaking my brain

Sure enough, deworming paste is flying off the shelves, some doctor in Arkansas is giving it to prisoners, and calls to poison control centers are skyrocketing across the South. Facebook groups are full of stories of poisoned people suffering severe diarrhea and expelling “rope worms,” which turn out to be almost certainly shreds of intestinal lining.

Marketing Inception

How many layers of self-referential marketing bullshit is this? Are we in hell yet?

Side hustler’s 9 income streams bring in $5,000 to $7,000 a month: ‘I don’t like all my eggs in one basket’


She makes ‘a steady amount’ from affiliate marketing
She does freelance writing ‘to build my brand’
She’s written 12 e-books
She sells a ‘Make Money With E-Books’ course