Oh, yeah, I remember now, when I was 7, I tried to invent my own teleporter!!! I had my “engineering drawings”, and I even started coding its software in BASIC on my ZX Spectrum+. Obviously, I’m a genius!

I’ve lost the notebook with all the drawings, what with all the moving countries over the years, etc., but it looked something like this:

It’s almost too bad Lizzy didn’t pursue this he original ingenious idea. She could have set up Timachinos, and we would have portable time machines now… oh, wait…


How Is This A Thing in 2021?

John Paul I, Pope for 33 Days in 1978, Will Be Beatified

The campaign for John Paul I’s canonization began in 2003 but languished because of the difficulties in collecting evidence and documents in the two decades after he died, according to the so-called postulators who have been working on his case.

Yeah, I wonder what those “difficulties” were…


Build Back Beaver

Boris Johnson Pledges Transformed Economy for U.K.

Mr. Johnson has branded his agenda “Build Back Better,” the same slogan President Biden uses for his infrastructure legislation (both adopted it around the same time last year). Unlike Mr. Biden, the prime minister riffed on the line, adapting it to describe the return of beavers to British rivers (“Build Back Beaver”) and beef exports to the United States (“Build Back Burger”).

How is this not The Onion?

Mixing self-deprecating humor with historical and literary references, gleeful jabs at the opposition and a populist appeal to social issues, Mr. Johnson reinforced his status as the Conservative Party’s all-purpose cheerleader.

aka universal clown.


Which acts like a bank without all the traditional banking rules…

​​Crypto CEO threatens customers after mistakenly sending them millions

It would be pretty sweet for a moment, until you realize that money isn’t legally yours and the bank will soon correct the mistake.

But…what if the bank couldn’t do that?

Well, that hypothetical scenario became real for a few lucky users of the decentralized finance (DeFi) staking protocol Compound, which acts like a bank without

all the traditional banking rules.

Hold up, hold up. What do you mean the money isn’t legally mine, when the “bank” only acts like a bank without all the traditional banking rules?

Leshner told the crypto outlet that he views this as a “moral dilemma” for the users who received the COMP tokens.

Strong words for someone who has just threatened those same users they’d be doxxed if they don’t return the “money”.

Others in the cryptocurrency community disagree, citing a popular phrase “code is law,” which basically implies that what the protocol did should be accepted as the rule.

Yeah, just go to code court, Leshner.